Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Opportunities to Participate

Over the coming months, Manchester residents will have several opportunities to participate in the Manchester 2020 planning process. Stay tuned for dates and times- but here is the general outline:

1. Planning Academy
Experts will share information on the latest trends and developments in topics like demographics, sustainability, smart growth, and the convergence of housing, transportation, and the economy. During the rest of the planning process we will explore how these ideas could be applied in Manchester.

2. Discovery Workshops
There will be at least two workshops in each quadrant of Manchester. At these workshops participants will work in small and large groups to examine each quadrant. Where do we currently meet the growth management principles? Where we can reasonably expect to meet them? What are the natural, cultural, historic and social assets? What opportunities or problems need to be addressed in the various neighborhoods and districts in each quadrant?

3. Planning Meetings
At the quadrant planning meetings that will follow the discovery workshops, we will begin to identify goals (what we want to accomplish) and objectives (how to reach our goals: what steps need to be taken and by whom). We will look for both Townwide and area specific goals and objectives that tie the quadrants, neighborhoods and economic districts together.

Please stay in the loop, get involved and tell your friends and networks. The plan's success depends on it!


  1. Sounds great! Cannot wait to get started!

  2. You have me interested. Where do I sign up?

  3. If you haven't signed up for the Planning Academy yet, you can do so by calling the Planning Department at 860-647-3044 or emailing anderson@ci.manchester.ct.us to RSVP. You can also sign up for email updates or become a subscriber to this blog under the Pages tab to the right. More information on future events will be coming soon.