Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quadrant Summit Documents

Materials from the November 17th Quadrant Summit are now available. At the Summit, planning staff reviewed the comments and suggestions generated by the Manchester community at the Quadrant Discovery Workshops held over the past four months. Major themes and key locations relating to each of the five Growth Management Principles were addressed, as were potential next steps in the planning process. Links to that presentation, along with larger versions of the two compilation maps, are avalable below. Also below is a record of proceedings, which includes all the comments from each of the workshops. Keep an eye out for a feature article in the Manchester Reminder in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Next Housing Boom

Many participants in the Manchester 2020 Quadrant meetings expressed a desire for livable, walkable neighborhoods. Check out this link to a recent article from the Brookings Institution. The author makes a case for why the next real estate boom will be fueled by those looking for walkable communities that have access to public transit. Both the Baby Boomers and their children (which together make up half of the US population) are expressing a strong desire to live in these types of communities, but at present, we are continuing to build housing and neighborhoods according to the old model of car-dependant suburbs. He says ending government subsidies that promote sprawl, and instead incentivizing "smart" development would unleash demand for these livable types of communities and drive a revitalized, sustainable real estate market.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 17th Quadrant Summit

Hundreds of members of the Manchester community participated in the 2020 Quadrant Discovery Workshops over the past four months to offer input on what is going on in Manchester today and their hopes and ideas for the future. Together, we discussed issues including the conservation of natural resources, historic and cultural preservation, redevelopment of commercial centers, transit-oriented development and housing opportunities. Of course, since our final meeting last month, the big question on everyone's lips has been: "What's next?"

Well, here's what's next: We will be hosting a Quadrant Summit on November 17th at 7 p.m. at Manchester Country Club. All members of the Manchester community are welcome to attend, regardless of if you were able to attend one or more Quadrant Workshops. At the Summit, Planning Staff will review of all the comments from the Quadrant Workshops, including some common themes. We will be asking for input from those attending: What did you hear? What did we miss? Next steps in the process will also be addressed.

The level of public participation at the quadrant discovery workshops was fantastic and we hope those who participated will continue to be involved in the process. Of course, there is always room for new voices. The Summit would be a great place to start!