Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Should Broad Street Look Like?

Many who attended the 2020 Quadrant Meetings and Summit offered thoughts on the Broad Street area and on how a mixed-use development district should look. Here is a chance to offer some more input.

The Redevelopment Agency and Planning and Zoning Commission are currently in the process of developing new "form-based" zoning regulations for the redevelopment area, which regulate the design and layout of public and private spaces and buildings as well as the uses and activities allowed in the zone. Form-based codes are intended to allow flexibility in use, while ensuring development creates an attractive and unique place. The results of the survey will help guide the Agency, the PZC and the Town's consultants in formulating the new zoning regulations’ design standards.

Please take a moment to follow this link and complete a visual preference survey for the Broad Street Redevelopment Area. The survey is a fun, 15-20 minute exercise in which you will be asked to look at a series of photographs and rate each one based on whether it would be something that is desirable or undesirable for the Broad Street Redevelopment Area. Thanks for your participation and for passing this on to your Manchester friends and networks!

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  1. I was reading some of the site entries, and it occurred to me that with bus routes on Center St and on Middle Turnpike there should be some kind of transit hub on Broad St to extend the range of access to this dense commercial mixed-use area. Seems like we should involve CT TRansit in this planning process. Should there be a transfer station between routes? Is one station enough on a street that is as long as Broad St, or should there be 2, for better walkable access to each route. Would this involve on-street stops or back-lot stations in off-street parking areas? Should the routes just make long intersecting loops on Broad St or should the routes cross-over on Broad and each follow the other's route to the end points to avoid turn-arounds? Can the plan include future access terminals for in-town bus routes? Can the Hartford Rd 83 route somehow be connected? It seems there is a lot of planning that can be done simply on public transit options once this area becomes a more desirable commercial magnet area.