Thursday, January 20, 2011

Final Broad Street Visual Preference Survey Results

The final Broad Street visual preference survey results are in! This survey was part of the new Broad Street "form-based" zoning regulation currently being drafted. Participants were asked to look at a series of photographs and rate each photograph based on whether it would be something that is desirable or undesirable in the Broad Street redevelopment area. The survey results will help inform what types and styles of development and public spaces will be prescribed in the regulation. The future of Broad Street continues to be a popular topic of conversation around town and throughout the 2020 planning process.

The response to the survey was overwhelming. Over 600 people took part of the survey. Of those, over 400 completed it and over 100 took the time to make individual comments. The Survey results, which show the highest-rated image for each category, can be viewed HERE.

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