Friday, January 10, 2014

PZC Begins the Work of Implementing 2020

The Planning and Zoning Commission has prioritized and selected the goals of the 2020 Plan to work on implementing in 2014. The Commission reviewed the 2020 goals and the results of a survey sent to 2020 participants and the general public seeking their input. 

PZC members selected the following goals from the 2020 Plan to focus on during 2014:

1. Invest in attracting and expanding desirable industries.
2. Redevelop and invest in existing and potential corridors and activity nodes.
3. Create an arts and cultural district.

The next steps include identifying other stakeholders to work together to develop more specific, concrete steps to begin the process of making the goals a reality. You can keep track of this process at this site and on the planning department’s Facebook page. 

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